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Saturday, 8.4.12
So, on a whim, I started some minor weight lifting earlier this week to prep for my upcoming routine. Honestly, I’m the slightest bit bummed by the low weight limit it takes to feel the burn, but overall it feels fantastic getting back into the swing of things. I lifted with a mini-circuit on Tuesday night for about 45 minutes. Then, yesterday (Friday) morning, did another mini-circuit for about another 45 minutes. Friday morning was a little more intense than Tuesday’s, not just because I was still feeling a little sore from Tuesday, but because I added some leg work. 

It’s not much, but it’s a start and I can’t wait to get my grocery shopping out of the way and get to this head on in a few days! 

Meal Plan (Lifting Days [M/W/F/Su]):

Starting Nutrition Information: (3325c/237.5p/380ca/95f)
Day One/Three
1. Wake-Up: Whey/Juice Medley 225/25/19/6 (3100/212.5/361/89)
2. Breakfast:  Oatmeal (1.5 servings), 1 egg, peanut butter with flax (.5 serving), raw honey (.5 serving), cinnamon (to taste) 425/18/52.5/17 (2675/194.5/308.5/72)
3. Post-Workout: Whey/Creatine/Berry Smoothie 908/79.1/120.3/14 (1767/115.5/188.5/58)
4. Lunch: 1 Chicken breast, romaine/spinach/arugula blend, walnuts, pecans, cottage cheese, berries, fat free balsamic vinaigrette 442/38/19.2/23.5 (1325/77.5/169.5/34.5)
5. Snack: Yogurt and walnuts 185/7/16.5/11 (1140/70.5/153/23.5)
6. Dinner: 1 Chicken breast, vegetable medley 280/32/32/3 (860/38.5/121/20.5)
7. Sleep: Casein/Whey Shake 823/71.6/114.8/13 (37/+33.5/6.5/7.5)

Day Two/Four
1. Wake Up: Whey/Juice Medley 225/25/19/6 (3100/212.5/361/89)
2. Breakfast: 2 Eggs, 2 pieces of sprouted multi-grain toast, flax seed (.5 serving), butter (.5 serving), cinnamon (to taste) 415/23.5/34/19 (2685/189/327/70)
3. Post-Workout:  Whey/Creatine/Berry Smoothie 908/79.1/120.3/14  (1777/110/207/56)
4. Lunch: Teriyaki noodle bowl, edamame (.5 serving) 450/16/84/6.5 (1327/94/123/49.5)
5. Snack: Coconut oil (1 serving) 120/0/0/14 (1207/94/123/35.5)
6. Dinner: 1 Can tuna, 1 hard-boiled egg, romaine/spinach/arugula medley, dijon/olive oil topping 357/34.4/8.7/22 (850/59.5/114/13.5)
7. Sleep: Casein/Whey Shake 823/71.6/114.8/13 (27/+12.1/+1/0.5)

Meal Plan (Non-Lifting Days [T/Th/Sa]):

Starting Nutrition Information: (3325c/237.5p/380ca/95f)
1. Wake-Up: Creatine supplement (with h2o) (3325/237.5/380/95)
2. Breakfast: 2 Eggs, 2 pieces of sprouted multi-grain toast, flax seed (.5 serving), butter (.5 serving), cinnamon (to taste) 415/23.5/34/19 (2910/214/346/76)
3. Snack: Peanut butter with flax, celery sticks 218/9.5/9/16 (2692/204.5/337/60)
4. Lunch: Whole wheat pasta (1.5 servings), tomato/basil marinara (2 servings), Tofurky italian sausage (.5 serving) 570/28.5/83.5/15 (2122/176/253.5/45)
5. Mid-Day:  Whey/Berry Smoothie 908/79.1/120.3/14 (1214/97/133/31)
6. Snack: Coconut oil (1 serving) 120/0/0/14 (1094/97/133/17)
7. Dinner:  1 Chicken breast, vegetable medley 280/32/32/3 (814/65/101/14)
8. Sleep: Casein/Whey Shake 823/71.6/114.8/13 (+13/+6.6/+13.8/1)

Total Nutrition Intake (per week): 23174/1775.5/2712.5/646 
Average Nutrition Intake (per day): 3310.6/253.6/387.5/92.3
Daily Nutrition Variance (based on average):

Based on this three month plan, I will be semi-loading on protein and carbohydrates early to help jump-start my body for the training I’ll be doing. This will also give me some time to come up with alternative meal ideas, preferably some that are less meat-dependent. 


First off, a special thanks goes to Men’s Health. They seriously have helped me compile a metric assload of data over the last few years of readership, so thanks and props goes to them. Here’s a link to their US and UK sites. Seriously, read through both. They have differing information that, once combined like the powers of the Planeteers, provide some of the best, well-rounded information for, well, men’s health that I’ve found.

Here are the calculations I used to help better define my fitness goals, needs and requirements:

1. Determine target weight (T)
2. Total weekly training hours, including both aerobic and anaerobic activity (H)
3. Calculate necessary calories per day (T*[H+11] = C)
4. Calculate necessary protein/carbohydrate/fat requirements
     - T*1.25 = P
     - [C-(P*4)-(F*9)]/4 = Ca
     - T/2 = F

So, given my height (6’ 1”), I thought a target weight of 190lbs would be sufficient. It’s a little higher than I’d like to think of myself, but since muscle weighs more than fat and I’m trying to gain a decent level of definition, it’s a better shot to go for than something lower (like, say 175lbs). I want to gain an athletic, yet somewhat slender build as opposed to pure bulk (a la 200lbs - 215lbs). Based on this target weight and my proposed hours of exercise (4 hours of lifting, 2.5 of aerobic), here’s the breakdown for everything.

C: 3325
P: 237.5
Ca: 380
F: 95

This allowed me to begin determining a solid meal plan once I had catalogued the nutritional information of the groceries I had on hand, along with a pleathora of other items I found at my local Trader Joe’s. The following post will document the basis of my first three month meal plan.

Thursday 7.26.12

Okay, so I’ve finally finished charting my meal plan, and, in lieu of driving myself mad with all of these tedious calculations, I’ve decided against figuring out exactly how much of each item I will need per week/month. My initial intent was to pinpoint exactly how much money would be necessary to maintain this diet, but it seems that, even once calculated, I will be a bit over budget and will probably still miss something in the calculations (because there are a butt-ton of them). That being said, I have attempted to calculate the need for the essentials (such as what’ll go into my shakes and basic meal necessities) in order to help get a general idea of what I’ll need to buy each week to at least maintain a base diet.

I’ll be posting my outlined meal plan, along with calorie/content information, sooner than later. The idea being that I’ll maintain this diet for at least the first two to three months.

Starting as soon as I get my lazy ass in to gear, this will work as my active, daily journal to document my healthy lifestyle renaissance. I will document near-daily my physical activity, my meal plans, photos, progress, rants/raves, whatever it is I need to do to keep myself motivated, to help motivate others, to serve as a social experience/experiment of sorts and to give me a semi-focused structure to work my new life habits around. I will be sharing my goals, my gains, my bad days and, hopefully, my fulfillment. 

In keeping with my main and what may become less-personal blog’s title and theme, my current handle roughly translates to “to remake/repair the mustache.” And, the byline is, of course, a reference to Mulan (the most badass/feminist Disney princess). I hope to one day be half the man Mulan is.  

Hope you all enjoy the ride.  


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