make a man out of me.

Starting as soon as I get my lazy ass in to gear, this will work as my active, daily journal to document my healthy lifestyle renaissance. I will document near-daily my physical activity, my meal plans, photos, progress, rants/raves, whatever it is I need to do to keep myself motivated, to help motivate others, to serve as a social experience/experiment of sorts and to give me a semi-focused structure to work my new life habits around. I will be sharing my goals, my gains, my bad days and, hopefully, my fulfillment. 

In keeping with my main and what may become less-personal blog’s title and theme, my current handle roughly translates to “to remake/repair the mustache.” And, the byline is, of course, a reference to Mulan (the most badass/feminist Disney princess). I hope to one day be half the man Mulan is.  

Hope you all enjoy the ride.  


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